Joanna Greenhill/ Christopher Steadman


as far as never before | so weit wie noch nie

2nd - 10th November, 2013

‘Cinematic space is twisted in any way imaginable, organised around heterogeneous, curved and collaged perspectives.” Hito Steyerl

INDEX is proud to present an installation of two video works: Berlin Metro by Christopher Steadman and Journey to Islay by Joanna Greenhill.

The videos will be situated in the main gallery to emphasise the joint theme of traversing. Both artists have made works concerning journeys: a daily commute through Berlin, a ferry ride to Islay. The contrasting environments of both videos perform the unlikely by connecting at moments, rebounding from each other to reflect on travelling experiences and our temporary position in the world.

Steadman’s work addresses the journey back and forth through the city, repeated day after day. The work focuses on the familiarity of travelling: the disconnected passengers who limit awareness of their surroundings to the time spent in motion and the journey’s duration. Greenhill’s video explores arrival and departure, the unbounded space of the sea and our dependence on the horizon line for navigation and control.

A photographic and text work by Joanna Greenhill, The new becoming old, is shown in the adjoining gallery space. Photographs depicting St Peter’s Seminary in Cardross Scotland chart the demise of an iconic modernist building.

Christopher Steadman lives and works in Berlin, London and New York. He was born in England in 1967, studied in New York City and then returned to London where Steadman graduated from the MA Fine Art Course at Central Saint Martins in 2000. Recently he has exhibited at Berlin’s Transartfest Art Biennial, an International Video Art exhibition at the Moscow Museum of Modern Art, and his work has been included in festivals in Miden, Greece, Kyoto, Japan and Kiev, Ukraine. His work is in public and private collections.

Joanna Greenhill was born in England in 1949, she currently lives and works in Gloucestershire. She studied sculpture at the RCA and was the former director for the MA Fine Art Course at Central Saint Martins from 1995-2010, where she first encountered Christopher Steadman’s practice. Since leaving full time teaching she had a solo show Passage at Ort Gallery, Birmingham 2013 and in 2012 exhibited Doublefold as part of the SVA Site Festival, Stroud. In 2011 she exhibited with AM Bruno at 101 Gallery New York and curated and exhibited in Is This All There Is at the Lethaby Gallery London in 2010. Her work is in private collections. Joanna is a co-director of INDEX.